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Daniel's Trip to South Africa

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Before I Go...

So technically I leave today. I am experiencing a lot of emotions right now. I am happy, but nervous; excited, but apprehensive. I really do not know what expect from my trip to South Africa; this will be my first trans-Atlantic trip. Also, I am interested to see how I will interact with the native people. Overall, I know that I will have an awesome trip, but I am just a bit nervous and tried right now. I guess a good night's sleep will make me feel better. TOMORROW GERMANY, THEN OFF TO AFRICA!!!


nancyw said...

Good Luck Daniel and the the other Dallas group. Take lots of picture and enjoy yourselves. From teh students at Notre Dame School.

cbattalora said...

Looking forward to following your adventure. You will have an exciting trip with Linda Rush.
She is fun to travel with!! Learn alot to share with us.

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Essential Programs Details

Duration 12 days
When June 2nd - 13th, 2009
Focus Wildlife Research/Conservation
Political History